Think Geek? Absolutely!

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When I stumbled across the site Think Geek my inner Geek immediately squealed in delight!
(All Photos and links courtesy of thinkgeek.com)

Being the Mario lover that I am how could I see this and not want to Grow My Own 1up Mushroom?

My two favorite things in this world are anything Mario related and T-shirts. So if I find something that combines them I'm in heaven!

Self-Rescuing Princess Babydoll because some people need to be reminded that "I am not a f*cking decoration." ;)

And Cupcakes + 1up Mushroom + T-shirt =1upcake Babydoll

And my life will finally be complete when I am living in World 1-1 thanks to these Nintendo Wall Graphics

It totally weirds me out when people I don't know call me by name thanks to a name tag, so I thought this may be a good solution to the problem.

And sometimes meh sums it all up.

I saw this and immediately thought of how I feel after coming home from a four day trip.
Hmmmm...even that much may be going too far...

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I finally learned how to take a picture!

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I am so excited!!!!! No really...

Taking pictures for my Etsy store is my least favorite thing to do. Seriously, I hate it. And well, that's because I suck at it. Go look I'll wait...


Competition is really fierce with the amount of new shops that open every day, and I don't like the idea of losing sales because I have crappy pictures.... so today I did something about it! *squee*

Sorry, I get excited pretty easily...

Thanks to this blog over at  1000 Markets and this tutorial at Strobist I can now do this-

And this

And this

and even this

See he's happy for me too!

All using nothing more than this set up

And learning how to adjust my camera settings!
Yay! No more Photoshopping things to death just to try and make a crappy pic look decent :)

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A Box Made from Junk Mail - Tutorial

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I love to find new ways to recycle or reuse items and this is one of my favorites!

Junk mail is one of my pet peeves because in my city you can't recycle it. I don't know why, they just won't accept it in the bin and leave you a little note saying that they will revoke your recycling privileges if you do it again. So I had to come up with some ways to reuse this stuff.

I don't know about you, but my area has started in with all of these card stock flyers. In my mail, hanging from my front door...and of course, me being me, all I see are wasted dead trees. So with a little bit of trial and error I came up with these...

And here is how I did it......

You will need -
Junk Mail Card Stock (any type)
Exacto Knife
Hot Glue Gun

You can use what ever type of glue you would like or even tape. I just like to use hot glue because it dries the fastest.

Step 1. Measure in 1" from the edge of your cardstock and mark.

Do this at intervals around all four sides.

You can really use whatever measurement that you would like. Just make sure it is the same all of the way around.

Step 2. Connect your marks so that they make a straight line along each side. Be sure to draw all of the way to each edge so that the lines intersect at the corners.

Step 3. Using heavy pressure run your pen up and down each line a few times to "score" them for folding.

Step 4. Measure the length of your card stock and divide it in half to find the center. Lightly mark a center line. 

Now mark a 1/2" on either side of this line. Repeat on the other edge.

Step 5. Connect your marks and use heavy pressure to score these lines also.

Step 6. With the long side of your cardstock horizontal, and using the lines as guides, take your exacto knife and cut the flaps as shown.

Be careful not to cut above your 1"mark.

Step 7. Fold along all of the lines you have made.

I prefer to keep all of my markings hidden on the inside.

Step 8. Fold your box into it's basic shape to try it out and see if you have your sides even.

This is where you will find out if you can draw a straight line and how good your math was when you found the center of your sheet.

If everything is right it should fold up just like a clam shell.

Step 9. You will have 3 open sides and a solid one. Hot glue the side directly opposite of the solid one.


Step 10. Pick one of the other open ends and hot glue that together.

And you should now have a super awesome
 recycled box!

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Way past the expiration date.....

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So I went through all of my old random posts and came to the conclusion that they all, um, sucked. No really. Well there are a couple that I kept, and one that somehow disappeared to god only knows where, but I now remember why I had neglected them in the first place.

And why haven't I posted these (not so) precious three? Because now there is a new problem.....

They are ENORMOUS picture posts, and I can not for the life of me figure out how to insert a cut tag on this thing.

So until I get that figured out here is a pretty picture to distract you from my blogging noobness :))
My View at the 2008 Days of 47 Parade in Salt lake. Yummy....

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It's moving day!

Posted by Moxie D. on 6:06 PM
I'm working on getting my random blog posts that are scattered all over the net to here, my new home!

Since I'm a noob in the blog world, and it may take me a while to figure out, here's a random picture from my stash to keep you entertained :)

Through the back door of the The Teatro dell'Opera di Roma (Rome Opera House)

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