Think Geek? Absolutely!

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When I stumbled across the site Think Geek my inner Geek immediately squealed in delight!
(All Photos and links courtesy of thinkgeek.com)

Being the Mario lover that I am how could I see this and not want to Grow My Own 1up Mushroom?

My two favorite things in this world are anything Mario related and T-shirts. So if I find something that combines them I'm in heaven!

Self-Rescuing Princess Babydoll because some people need to be reminded that "I am not a f*cking decoration." ;)

And Cupcakes + 1up Mushroom + T-shirt =1upcake Babydoll

And my life will finally be complete when I am living in World 1-1 thanks to these Nintendo Wall Graphics

It totally weirds me out when people I don't know call me by name thanks to a name tag, so I thought this may be a good solution to the problem.

And sometimes meh sums it all up.

I saw this and immediately thought of how I feel after coming home from a four day trip.
Hmmmm...even that much may be going too far...



with all the mario love in this post I had to share my recent post about my goomba amigurumi :) check it out on my blog or at crafster.org http://www.craftster.org/forum/index.php?topic=323060.new;topicseen#new :) you know, I wasn't really ever very good at mario - I'm sure people beat the game 10 times over... not me - me and sonic though, well, we were buddies ;)

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