I finally learned how to take a picture!

Posted by Moxie D. on 6:28 PM
I am so excited!!!!! No really...

Taking pictures for my Etsy store is my least favorite thing to do. Seriously, I hate it. And well, that's because I suck at it. Go look I'll wait...


Competition is really fierce with the amount of new shops that open every day, and I don't like the idea of losing sales because I have crappy pictures.... so today I did something about it! *squee*

Sorry, I get excited pretty easily...

Thanks to this blog over at  1000 Markets and this tutorial at Strobist I can now do this-

And this

And this

and even this

See he's happy for me too!

All using nothing more than this set up

And learning how to adjust my camera settings!
Yay! No more Photoshopping things to death just to try and make a crappy pic look decent :)



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